A Heart-Opening Personal Serenity Prayer

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Dear Source of All Things,

Grant me the awareness to know when I have chosen fear over love and awaken the power in me to choose differently,

Give me the ability to love every part of me, even the pieces of me that I think make me unlovable,

Awaken me to my soul’s purpose so that I may always feel the flow of love come through me and out to others,

Teach me how to wave away my fears and stay connected to the infinite stream of joy that I know is always available to me,

Help me forgive imperfection in others (and in myself) so that I can hold a vision of them (and myself) in their highest potential and mirror it back to them,

Instill in me the knowing when I am being controlling and assist me in learning to let go and trust that all is in divine timing and order,

Give me the courage to make my wrongs right and do it without feeling less than,

Guide me to discover the depth of my gifts and abilities instead of envying others,

Restore my childlike joy so I can sprinkle it everywhere I go,

Help me be open to hearing you and following your guidance, even when my ego wants things to be different and to guide me towards drama and conflict,

Tickle me when I fall into resistance and throw a little girl’s tantrum in the middle of my living room,

Lastly, forgive me when I question my path, my lessons, and whether you still love me or not. Help me forgive myself for believing those thoughts even for a second. You are the bigger one.

Thank you for always being there.